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Worship at Hope Reformed Church can be described as both “dignified and warm”. It is dignified in the sense that God is revered and honored. It is warm in the sense that the worshipper is introduced to the “Living Christ” who desires to have a loving personal relationship with all who seek Jesus as Savior. Sermons are biblically based – reminding us that God’s rightful place is at the center of our lives. The focus of the worship is always on God and never on us.

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Times & Organizations

Church Service Times

Sunday School at 9:00 am
Worship at 10:00 am
Evening Bible Study at 6:30 pm (Intermittantly)

Wednesday Night Activities

RCYF at 7:00 pm
Catechism at 7:00pm

Other Opportunities

Men’s Bible Studies (two groups meet monthly)
Women’s Circles (four groups meet monthly)
RCWM (meets four times a year)
Pairs & Spares (meets monthly)

Hope Reformed Church has many different educational programs and organizations you can attend. There’s something for everyone. To check out all of our programs, go to the Organizations page

Quotes from Members

  • Dedicated

    We have dedicated people that love God and strive to do their best to serve Him.  We have a beautiful setting that shows God’s beauty.  We have members that love each other.

  • Loving

    We are a loving group of Christ followers that just need a little help with direction.

  • Willingness to help

    We have great people.  Most everyone in church is willing to help with anything at a moment’s notice.

  • Rural Church

    We are a small, rural congregation bonded together by close families, friends, and neighbors that love and serve the Lord.

Mission Statement

Walking with Jesus

Walking with Others

Serving God

Serving Others


Abby Reitsma

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Angie Van Briesen

Angie is our bookkeeper.

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Glenda Jager

Glenda cleans our church

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Pastor Steve De Haan

Pastor Steve serves to equip the saints at Hope for the work of ministry.

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