2251 Jay Ave George, IA 51237


Worship at Hope Reformed Church can be described as both “dignified and warm”. It is dignified in the sense that God is revered and honored. It is warm in the sense that the worshipper is introduced to the “Living Christ” who desires to have a loving personal relationship with all who seek Jesus as Savior. Sermons are biblically based – reminding us that God’s rightful place is at the center of our lives. The focus of the worship is always on God and never on us. Sunday Morning Worship begins at 10:00 (Sunday School begins at 9:00) and Sunday Evening Bible Study starts at 6:30.

We are blessed to have our church grounds located on a six acre lot with a sand volleyball court, basketball court, three horseshoe courts, playground equipment and a concrete fire pit.

Mission Statement

Walking with Jesus, Walking with others, Serving God, Serving Others

Vision Statement

The vision of Hope Reformed Church is to provide families and individuals with an opportunity to find…
*warmth, acceptance, and Christian fellowship,
*a refuge from the hectic pace of modern society,
*guides and tools for healthy, wholesome, daily living,
*a country setting that showcases God’s wondrous creation,
*a serving faith and hope firmly anchored in God’s word.